The legendary Adams Ultimate GT golf clubs

Adams Ultimate GT golf clubs have one of the most loyal followings in the golf game, largely because of the quality and tradition that go into each and every club that Adams manufactures.

Barney Adams founded Adams Golf nearly 20 years ago in 1987. It originally focused on custom fitting golf clubs, as well as creating innovative new golf products. It was through this tinkering and customizing that Mr. Adams worked out his first line of revolutionary clubs, the Tight Lies fairway wood.

The Tight Lies fairway wood offered a low profile and low center of gravity with a unique upside-down head design. The combination of these factors blew away the golf world and resulted in fantastic reviews and a boom in business, which still continues today.

Adams Golf hasn’t rested on its laurels with this success. Recently, it has launched such innovative club lines as the Redline and Ovation woods, the hybrid IDEA irons, and the Adams Ultimate GT golf clubs.

These last clubs come with a full line of clubs. The driver comes with a super-hard but thin titanium face. It provides the most power from a 430cc, barely legal, club face. That gives its user a huge sweet spot and the capabilities to rocket the ball off the tee.

The Adams Ultimate GT golf clubs lineup also includes fairway woods, which come with the same thin but powerful face. Another top feature of these clubs are their heel and toe weighting, which squares the club face and provides straighter shots. The club’s sole is also worth mentioning, since it can slide practically through any lie.

The irons offer oversized heads that not only look good, but hit well, too. You’ll appreciate longer distances because of an undercut channel that sets the center of gravity low and to the back. And you’ll find yourself hitting the ball straighter thanks to the clubs’ progressive offset.

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