Anne Cain Golf Academy

You don’t necessarily need to find out how to become the next Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson, but you definitely want to be able to play without making a fool of yourself on the weekends. What you need to do to become a respectable golfer that demands the attention and fear of your buddies when a few dollars depend on this hole or the next one is take a few lessons from a real pro. Taking a trip and becoming a part of the Anne Cain Golf Academy could be just the type of thing that you need to take your game to the next level. Honestly, what have you got to lose?

Mark McCumber and Gene Littler designed one heck of a course on Summer Beach on Amelia Island just off the coast of Florida to both offer you a challenge and the ammunition you need to overcome that particular challenge. This trip is one that you can bring the whole family on because they will teach all skill levels regardless of age to help anyone become the type of golfer that they strive to be. Even if your family isn’t as in to golfing as you are, the whole family can enjoy a relaxing visit to a beautiful area with an abundance of activities to partake in.

If you are a mother or father looking to teach your son or daughter how to take up a game that has swept the nation and parts of the world then this may be your lucky day. Instructors at the Anne Cain Golf Academy will give you the opportunity to enjoy a class with your child or significant other and learn at your own pace. Your game will be evaluated by the staff and you will be given tips on how to become a better and more informed player in a greatly expanding sport.

There is no other sport today that can make a grown man act as if he is a child like golf can, you can go from throwing your clubs to the water to throwing them in the air in excitement in one fell swoop! Do everyone a favor … get some help with your game!

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