The lost art of wearing argyle golf shirts

Argyle golf shirts may get a bad wrap off the course. In fact, most golf fashion will evoke stares and sour looks if you step off the links and dare to wander into the real world with it still on your back. Knickers, beanies, sweater vests—these clothes have a certain nineteenth century charm to them, sure, but this is after all the twenty-first century.

One friend of mine makes it his duty to inform you whether or not you’re wearing appropriate attire off the course. Dare to wear a collared polo shirt in front of him in a public place, plaid, argyle, or plain colored, and he will promptly let you know that you are wearing a golf shirt. He doesn’t say it in a nice way either. It’s as if he wants you to change right then and there. The funny thing is, he is a golf course design architect. The man’s whole wardrobe consists of golf shirts and sweater vests.

Unlike him, however, we should not be ashamed of our fashion sense. If we dare to wear argyle golf shirts out to a restaurant or to the ballgame, it’s sort of a statement of our allegiance to the game of golf. Just as football fans wear the jersey of their favorite running back, or hockey lovers don the sweater of their beloved defenseman, golf fans should be able to wear their golf gear without fear.

It’s not like golf clothes are cheap. Most golf shirts, whether they’re made by Nike, Tommy Bahamas, Izod, Polo, or any other manufacturer, are expensive and nicely made. Golf slacks can be fashion forward, a handsome pair of khakis with pleats and athletic lines. And golf caps—maybe we can leave them at home when we take the little lady out to dinner and a movie.

If all golfers wore their argyle golf shirts, sweater vests, and country club embroidered pullovers out and about, we could be more noticeable to each other. Think about it. It would be a great way to meet fellow golfers, new friends, and new playing partners.

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