Choosing a Bag

Whether you are a carpenter looking to install your next carpet, a musician looking to play the perfect masterpiece, or a golfer looking to come as close as ever to playing the perfect round one thing never changes … you need the right equipment. There is no right equipment for every person; everybody seems to have a different idea of what helps them stay in a rhythm and just what it is that is the right grip for any one individual. With golf there is a bevy of equipment to get used to and use on a regular basis so here is a recap of what you need, this is what to look for in a bag for your clubs.

What is called a Staff Bag is actually the biggest type of bag for a golfer to use and is definitely the most expensive for basically the same reason. This bag will hold all 14 clubs that you are allowed to carry onto the course in addition to all of the extra equipment that you bring with you from your gloves and towels to umbrellas or tees. These bags are usually only used by those that have a caddy to carry them or a golf cart in which to store them.

A cart bag will give you the opportunity to store most of the same items as a staff bag but will actually take up less room or be a little easier to carry. You should still consider having a caddy or cart to carry the bag as it may take up most of your energy to keep up with.

The most versatile and least affordable of the golf bags is the stand bag that allows you to set the bag up with a few legs while you take your shot. Some find this as the way to go because you have the flexibility of using a cart, caddy, or actually carrying the bag yourself. There is no right or wrong way to go and if you don’t know from experience what works best for you then start with the cheapest and work your way up!

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