Choosing the Right Balls

Whether you are a carpenter looking to install your next carpet, a musician looking to play the perfect masterpiece, or a golfer looking to come as close as ever to playing the perfect round one thing never changes … you need the right equipment. There is no right equipment for every person; everybody seems to have a different idea of what helps them stay in a rhythm and just what it is that is the right grip for any one individual. With golf there is a bevy of equipment to get used to and use on a regular basis so here is a recap of what you need, this is what to look for in a the right balls for your golf game.

Golf has obviously undergone as much change as any sport due to advancements in technology and equipment with no one area seeing as much improvements as that of the golf ball itself. The ball has been almost completely revolutionized in both its durability overall and the ability to be hit further than ever. With all of the advancements it is hard to understand just what has changed so it is best to explain it all as it simply boils down to two things, spin and distance.

The newer balls can gain more distance than ever with a much tighter cover that allows the ball to fly longer in the air in addition to bouncing further than ever. However, the down side to this is that it may actually be more difficult to handle the ball on the green as it rolls faster than ever. When it comes to spin the ability to let the ball spin back to the hole is important and those that use spin will want a three-piece ball in opposition to the distance ball that is actually a two-piece ball.

When you go to purchase a new ball try to talk to the golf pro at your club or at the retail store and explain the strong and weak points of your game. Depending on what you tell them they can recommend the right type of ball to make a difference in the overall score for you as a golfer.

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