Choosing the Right Driver

Whether you are a carpenter looking to install your next carpet, a musician looking to play the perfect masterpiece, or a golfer looking to come as close as ever to playing the perfect round one thing never changes … you need the right equipment. There is no right equipment for every person; everybody seems to have a different idea of what helps them stay in a rhythm and just what it is that is the right grip for any one individual. With golf there is a bevy of equipment to get used to and use on a regular basis so here is a recap of what you need, this is what to look for in a the right driver for your golf game.

* Decide if you want a standard, full size, or over size club head to decide what type of ball you are going to hit off of the tee. The more advanced golfer may want an oversized head due to lesser control and a bigger sweet spot while beginners will want a standard head for the exact opposite reason. * Decide if you want a stainless steel or titanium material to be used in your driver as a stainless steel driver will certainly be less expensive while also having less of a sweet spot. Titanium will be strong and more forgiving, but will cost you a little bit more so be sure that you will get your money’s worth before making the purchase. * Decide between a steel shaft and a graphite shaft depending on if you want more control and durability or to save a few bucks in the overall scheme of the game. Graphite is strange in that it will both be more expensive and less durable so unless a steel shaft is against your religion it sounds like a good decision to purchase one.

There are an exceptional amount of total items to consider if you are looking to purchase a driver to help you with your golf game overall. Consider talking to the pro at your local golf course or the membership you own before spending a bundle on something you won’t use or shouldn’t use.

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