Choosing the Right Putter

Whether you are a carpenter looking to install your next carpet, a musician looking to play the perfect masterpiece, or a golfer looking to come as close as ever to playing the perfect round one thing never changes … you need the right equipment. There is no right equipment for every person; everybody seems to have a different idea of what helps them stay in a rhythm and just what it is that is the right grip for any one individual. With golf there is a bevy of equipment to get used to and use on a regular basis so here is a recap of what you need, this is what to look for in a the right putter for your golf game.

While most drivers, irons, or balls will look the same and have very little personality, the putter you choose can be as personable and exciting as you are. This club will allow you to make the right shots to finish off a good hole or it could be the death of your game as you spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to put the ball in the hole. Some have insanely long shafts while others have a uniquely long or narrow head the gives more control, what makes more sense to you is what is right for you, no arguments.

There are three main types of heads for a putter with the first being a blade head that gives a little more control and is a favorite of those with a good handle on the game. Mallet heads are a little bit larger in the head area and it gives the golfer a little more control over the club, meaning that you have more control over your put. Finally, perimeter weighted clubs distribute the weight of the club all around the head giving a bigger sweet spot and making for less missed shots.

Obviously, there is no right way to go for everybody, the only way to know that you have the right putter for you is to go out and play a lot of golf to figure it out. Not a bad prescription, huh?

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