Choosing the Right Wedge

Whether you are a carpenter looking to install your next carpet, a musician looking to play the perfect masterpiece, or a golfer looking to come as close as ever to playing the perfect round one thing never changes … you need the right equipment. There is no right equipment for every person; everybody seems to have a different idea of what helps them stay in a rhythm and just what it is that is the right grip for any one individual. With golf there is a bevy of equipment to get used to and use on a regular basis so here is a recap of what you need, this is what to look for in a the right wedge for your golf game.

There are a tremendous amount of things to look for in a wedge to give you more control over an area that could vastly improve your golf game. This club will help you out of more than a few binds on the golf course so consider a few of the following items:

o The bounce angle is what separates the leading clubhead edge to get you out of the sand and back onto the green. o The gap wedge will give you more loft and trajectory and allow you to get out of the sand in an attacking form. This has given golfers a bigger advantage than the traditional sets of irons and sand wedges, so it should be considered by all beginning or advanced golfers. o The lob wedge will help you skillfully move a shot over an obstacle to get back into position on the green. This club should be studied for those that seem to always be stuck between the proverbial rock and hard place. o A pitching wedge is mainly used for shots that are within at least 110 yards of the hole and is really considered a “given” in most sets of clubs. Almost every bag for any golfer will include a pitching wedge to help get out of tough situations all around the course.

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