Clean up on the green with Cleveland Classic series putters

Cleveland Golf may be most famous for its Cleveland Classic series putters, which come in numerous styles to match every golfers taste. Cleveland Golf, though, offers much, much more for the casual or serious player. Just take one look at their new lineup of products, and you’ll see for yourself.

Take Cleveland’s HALO Utility Club. This long iron features a larger than normal sweet spot, so even a beginner player can utilize this weapon on the fairway. Cleveland designers also sought to make the club easier to hit by increasing its forgiveness when your swing isn’t exactly on the mark. And they designed the face for higher altitude arcs on your shot and increased spin. Look for this club in both a graphite and steel shaft.

For more serious golfers, there are the CG2 Irons. Cleveland specifically geared these beauties for players who already shoot slightly above or in the mid-range above par. These players already have the talent; they only need the right equipment to help push them over the edge to that next playing level.

Like Cleveland Classic series putters, the CG2 Irons have the looks that stand out in your bag. But their true qualities become apparent when you take them out of your bag. When you swing one, you will quickly learn to appreciate their feel, control, and balance. Their heads are weighted around the edges, with a cavity in middle of their back. This design promises forgiveness and control simultaneously. They also feature a lower than usual density. They can increase your swing speed for greater impact, while produces less vibration to interfere with your ball contact.

Of course, Cleveland doesn’t just produce iron. Their new Launcher Comp Fairway Woods will help any golfer with their approach game. These woods deliver an unprecedented lightweight carbon-fiber head. You’ll find it easier to launch your ball higher and with less backspin thanks to this lighter club weight. So as you can see, Cleveland not only produces the Cleveland Classic series putters, they manufacturer the clubs that can deliver you to the greens so you can utilize your putter.

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