Kill the competition with the Cobra SSI wedge

The Cobra SSI wedge can make you a master of the short game. The short game, as most golfers know, can make or break your handicap. To get close to the green, all you need is your fat driver and a strong swing. But once you get with double digit yards of the green, finesse is required. The need for concentration and patience is magnified. And the demand for a quality iron is crucial.

That’s where Cobra comes in. Their engineers craft their Cobra irons and wedges with you mind, standing 80 yards before the green with a monstrous sand trap looming between you and the hole. When you’re faced with such a hole, you need any additional bit of confidence you can get. Cobra clubs can endow you with more confidence than you need.

One Cobra SSI wedge to arm yourself with is the M series wedge. As Cobra likes to brag, the M stands for muscle. These wedges are crafted from their famous 431 Stainless Steel, and are designed with Cobra’s unique muscle back heads. The secret to these heads is the shift in the club weight. Cobra moves the majority of it to the center of the head, instead of the heel. This improves the wedge’s center of gravity and guarantees that the club has a solid touch.

The wedges also feature a skid-sole, which puts the kibosh on both thin and fat shots. The skid-sole also promises you improved versatility with your shots, permitting innovation and greater accuracy around the green. What’s more, these Cobras have style. Their black and gold nickel-plating is sure to stand out in your bag.

Besides the Cobra SSI wedge, Cobra offers a whole lineup of incredible irons to help you step up your game. One of the newest and most innovative lines are the transition design 3400 I/XH irons. They get their name because of their transition design, meaning the clubs have different functional shapes as you move from club to club. The low irons (3 to 7) have hollow backs, for instance, while the high irons (8 to wedge) have cavity backs. These clubs are by far the most engineering clubs manufactured by Cobra, or perhaps by anybody else in the business for that matter.

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