Good etiquette with good golf apparel

Wearing proper golf apparel is but one rule of etiquette on the links, but it is one of the most important ones for most golf courses. Most clubs and courses, even public ones, require that its golfers follow a dress code. The most popular rule, and probably the one you’ve most frequently come across, is the collared shirt. Many courses also require long pants - not jeans of course - and golf shoes.

When it comes to actually hitting the links, the primary rule of etiquette is to show up on schedule for your tee time. Don’t arrive five minutes beforehand and plan to still hit the driving range. Be considerate to others. Include space in your ETA to not only practice and warm up, but also to park your car, buy balls, change, and pick up a cart.

Another common courteous is that cell phones are not a proper part of golf apparel. Cell phones should be left in your car or locker. If you do bring one on the course for emergencies, keep it turned off and in your bag.

When you’re out on the course, be sure you have an understand of how the other golfers in your group want to play. Do they honor the preceding holes score, for instance, and let the best score tee off on the next hole. Or they let whoever’s ready tee off first. Believe it or not, you can offend strangers if you join their group and don’t play by their rules.

Besides the plaid pants, sweater vests, and other stereotypical golf apparel from lore, golfers are also best known for their obsession with quiet. It makes sense, however. When you’re putting your all into hitting a tiny ball with a long narrow stick, you need all of the concentration you can get. So even if you’re on the course with friends, observe the basic rule of keeping quiet during shots and standing out of the shooter’s direct line of vision.

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