Take a swing at buying women’s golf clubs

Women are interested in golf clubs these days, just as men are. The popularity of the sport transcends gender, and women are flocking to the course with the same addiction for pars and birdies that men have.

Women are just as interested in scoring well as men are, too. That’s why ladies should be concerned with buying the proper equipment, since proper equipment can make a huge difference on the scorecard. Golf clubs manufacturers have taken notice recently of this huge interest in their women’s equipment, and they have responded with a lot more selection and quality. Today’s women’s equipment is lightweight, easier to control, and set at the proper lengths to match all skill levels, personal tastes, and body types.

For instance, many women’s woods come with variable length lines that allow women of varying hits to accurately hit them. If a women’s wood doesn’t specifically mention its height requirements, that means it can work for women who are five foot five to five foot nine.

Such flexible woods are crucial for many women players, since they use woods more often than irons, even in the fairway. Woods tend to give women bigger “sweet spots,” or hitting areas, compared to irons. The bottoms of fairway woods are made so they glide without friction over the ground. And the length of these woods usually is greater than the length of comparable irons, say a 4 wood compared to a 6 iron. For a women, this all means that woods are easier to hit, more likely to launch a ball straight into the air, and hit farther than irons.

For the short game, look for golf clubs that feel comfortable in your swing, feel light, and short enough for you to get underneath the ball. An 8 and 9 iron, or pitching wedge, can come in handy when you have a short approach shot that requires precision rather than distance. Once you land on the green, pull out the proper putter. If you’re shorter than five foot five, that means a putter shorter than 33 inches in length. If you’re taller than that, tinker with putters in the store until you find one that’s comfortable.

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