Golf Made Simple!

You know that you can’t dunk like Michael Jordan, swing a bat like Barry Bonds, or make a big putt like Tiger Woods, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get the proper instruction to have a chance. In order for you to get better at this hobby then you need to use the same ideas as you do to get better at work or home, get help from the professionals in charge. If you want help with work you get assistance from your boss, help with home you get assistance from physical and mental health professionals, and help with golf should come from professionals as well. Start with some lessons from the people at Golf Made Simple!

By putting names like Butch Harmon and Dave Pelz on your list you are a great golf school, but following just behind those names in a list of the top 100 golf schools in America is that of Golf Made Simple! Everybody wants to learn from a school that belongs with the truly great in the world in instruction and boasting a #3 overall rating as a school is a remarkable place to start your instruction. Marc Solomon is the PGA pro in charge of this school and nobody has a name that is more respected among the up and coming pros in the United States, meaning you have the opportunity to learn from a name that will become legendary in golf instruction.

The reason that Golf Made Simple! Is so simple is that it bases instruction on the fact that you will only play with three others everyday while focusing on small parts of your game. One or two thoughts on every swing eliminates some of the mental hiccups that come with this frustrating game, making the game simple. Also, instead of standing in front of a camera or screen for every swing and breaking it down for hours, this instruction will be given on the course while watching you play. It just makes sense to see you play in order to help … right?

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