Golf shoes that are good for the green and good for you

Golf shoes, you may have heard, are required for most golf courses. Though this may seem true--just look at the sheer number of players who wear specialty shoes--many courses in fact do not require special shoes for playing. Of course, every player has been to at least one course that specifies the type of shoe worn.

This is for good reason. The whole purpose of these shoes is more than to just make a fashion statement on the links. For players, they help keep their feet planted, allowing them to take full advantage of leg strength during a swing and preventing slips and falls.

For the greens keepers, golf shoes can represent a benefit, or a nightmare, for their course. Smart players provide a bit of relief for the these keepers of the green and the fairway, because smart golfers wear non-cleat shoes. Yes, you heard that right. Smart golfers wear either shoes that have soles that do not have spikes on them, or soles with a “suction cup” or subtle tread. These save the green from undue destruction.

The traditional spiked shoes, on the other hand, have proven in tests to maul greens and fairways alike. Even the newer golf shoes with detachable plastic studs are no good. They leave imprints and alter the green’s surface, making it rough and bumpy. Not only does this mean more work for the greens keeper. It will even affected your put and your score.

The solution could be to wear your shoes without those studs attached. After all, on dry weather days, your chances of slipping are slim to none. On rainy and wet days, if you feel more comfortable with the studs in, then surely screw them in. By holding off on dry days, though, you will definitely save the green from undue wear and tear, and unbelievably shave points off your average.

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