Finding your killer instinct with custom fitted Killer Whale golf clubs

Killer Whale golf clubs, like any other Wilson, Ping, or Titleist golf clubs, deserve to be custom fitted. After all, you invested a large sum of money on your bag. You’re serious about your golf, otherwise you wouldn’t have bothered. These clubs are your weapons, your arms, that you carry out to the course every Saturday to go to battle with the tees, the rough, the sand traps, and the green.

Since your clubs are so important to you – and so essential to your score card – you ought to customize them. Wilson calls the process Dynamic Fitting, which gives you an indication of just how much this can do for your game.

The basis premise of Dynamic Fitting is simple: every player’s swing is different. From professional players to the beginner hacks, everyone has their unique way they swing the club and shift their weight. For your clubs to work for you, they need to match this unique swing. That’s where the Wilson custom Dynamic Fitting system can improve your Killer Whale golf clubs. It can matches those clubs to your peculiar swing.

Just this one simple step can work wonders that no amount of practice, no number of training classes, can match. In many cases, your instructor or yourself would try to adjust your stance or your swing to compensate your equipment. Why doesn’t this work? Take one simple analogy. When you buy clothes, do you get your body tailored? No, of course not. You have your suit altered to match your arm length, your inseam, and so on.

For the same simple reason, it’s important to alter your clubs to match your natural swing. This process starts by choosing your head type to maximize trajectory, forgiveness, and consistency. Then you choose the perfect shaft for your Killer Whale golf clubs. For more details about your specific choices, be sure to contact your local Wilson sales agent or favorite golf shop.

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