How to locate lefties golf clubs

Lefties golf clubs can be as hard to score as a hole in one. You can walk into sporting good store, and even some specialty golf stores, and you’ll be hard pressed to find clubs for left-handed players. You could probably find more children clubs than you would be able to scout out left-handed clubs.

The main reason for this is simple economics, supply and demand sort of stuff. According to statistics in the United States, left handers make up anywhere from four to ten percent of the total population. Naturally, then, the demand for left handed clubs is at best one-tenth the size of the demand for right handed clubs. That gives club manufacturers one-tenth the incentive to construct and market left handed golf clubs.

It also doesn’t help that the machines that make gold clubs are extremely expensive. Golf club manufacturers need to put down a large amount of capital to purchase these machines, yet they already know they can’t expect a lot in return. Again, it’s a simple fact based on statistics of the population.

What are left handers supposed to do? Tie their left hand behind their back and learn how to function with their right hand? Though this may work, let’s not ridiculous here. There are lefties golf clubs out there. A decent specialty golf store, whether a brick and mortar or an online one, should have a wide selection of individual left handed clubs and sets.

What’s more, manufacturers seem to be realizing that there is a niche market out there for “wrong-sided” clubs. This is evident in junior and children clubs. These seem to be coming out on the market with a more equitable split between right and left handed models. As these players get older and move up to adult clubs, this trend should follow them and lead to more adult lefties golf clubs. If not, keep some rope handy in case you have to learn how to be a right hander!

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