The good word on Nike Slingshot golf clubs

Nike Slingshot golf clubs were named Irons of the Year by Golf Digest in the United States, so you have to expect these beauties to bring quality and consistency to your game. However, you can’t expect miracles out of even the best golf clubs, even tightly made performance clubs such as these Nikes.

Nevertheless, Nike made its best attempt to design a high-performance set of clubs. They engineered the club head to have a low center of gravity, ensuring that the head meets the ball squarely. This equates in a higher flying trajectory and softer landings.

The clubs are also progressively designed, so that the weighting shifts and the center of gravity moves closer to the club face as you get into the long distance irons. This shift in weight toward your toe helps to reduce the launch angle at contact, so the ball spin rate increases and the ball catches and holds the green easier.

Another feature of the Nike Slingshot golf clubs is the so-called “cold-rolled” custom 455 stainless steel that they’re made out of. This material in the clubface provides a more consistent hitting surface than, say, the cast clubfaces on most other clubs.

Nike adds a touch more design to the material with the space age computer numerically controlled (CNC) fabrication, which provides a consistent flattened mill to .002 of an inch. You’ll also find engraved scoring lines on the clubs so you can always line up your shot for shot-after-shot performance.

The shafts of the Nike Slingshot golf clubs are the Constant-Weight Graphite Shaft. This shaft is designed to boost club swing speed and maintain feel throughout every club in the set. The shaft adds another degree of control for maximum distance, and a possesses a stiffness that progresses down the line of irons from the short game to the long irons.

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