Unparalleled performance with a Ping TiSi Tec 5 wood

The Ping TiSi Tec 5 wood delivers in the fairway. What else would you expect? Ping never seems to live down its reputation. The company has been at the forefront of golf equipment manufacturing for years now, cranking out one innovation after another.

The latest in their lineup of fairway woods, the TiSi Tec models, meet the usual Ping standard. Just like the driver of the same name, the TiSI Tec fairway woods are precisely cast following the Ping Chemical Milling Technology (CMTTM). This unique design mode ensures that all the club heads have precisely the appropriate wall thickness. To complement this innovation, Ping fabricates the woods’ weight pads with an equally inspiring materal, zirconium soleplate. This metal is 50 percent heavier than titanium.

Along with tungsten bottom weight, this weight design guarantees that each fairway wood model, including the Ping TiSi Tec 5 wood, delivers precise ball spin and trajectory. Each fairway woods comes with its unique club weight design.

For instance, for the 3-wood, the weight pads lie more toward the club’s face to guarantee the farthest shot. On the other hand, since height and precision are more the name of the game for a 7 wood, this club has the weight pads farther in the back of the club. For a mix of both qualities - spin, bounce, trajectory, and distance - the 5 wood bears the weight pads in the middle of its sole.

A Ping TiSi Tec 5 wood, or any of the other fairway woods, are custom fit, just as any Ping club should be. You can pick from the shafts lengths and flexibilities, face angles and lie angles, and grips and swing weights. By the time you fit together you are own special fairway woods, the club should match your needs to prevent hooks, slices, and hacks of all kinds.

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