Winning with Wilson left handed golf clubs

Wilson left handed golf clubs give even lefties a chance. Normally, left handed players need to worry about finding any kind of equipment for them at a golf shop, let alone quality equipment that will elevate their game. As one of the top manufacturers out there, Wilson provides all golfers excellent clubs, no matter their inclinations.

The Fi5 series of irons is just that type of club. This Wilson brand is designed for outstanding shooters who seek irons to take their game to the next level. The Fi5 accomplishes this with a progressive weighting system, moving the clubs’ center of gravity higher in the club the higher the clubs’ arc.

These Wilson left handed golf clubs are forged irons, too, meaning that they have narrow toplines and sole widths. Plus, you’ll get the most feel from these clubs thanks to their 8620 carbon steel construction.

The Pi5 lineup, on the other hand, could help intermediate golfers with their control. These Wilson clubs also feature a progressive and variable center of gravity to ensure a high arc for the short game and long, straight trajectory for long irons.

Wilson added a large sweet spot to these lineup of irons to help with control, as well. The Pi5 clubs have a tall, narrow COR face, despite their normal head size.

The Wilson Di5s deliver the same engineering in the club face and head that the previous two Wilson models offer. These clubs, however, also feature steel and graphite shafts, which can provide flexibility for long irons but stiffer feels for short ones. The technology in the Di5 is either True Temper steel or UST graphite.

Whichever club model you choose, you can be sure that your Wilson left handed golf clubs will deliver the performance that usually only right handers enjoy.

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