Don't get the shaft with womens custom golf clubs

Womens custom golf clubs give you unprecedented freedom to purchase the perfect set of clubs for your needs. Whether you’re just a beginner or could take it to the pros with your game, custom clubs allow you to choose your particular club face, angles, grip, and swing weight.

Don’t forget the shaft, too, one of the most important facets of a custom club. This is probably where you will be presented with the most choices, making it a bit more difficult to figure out which shaft is right for you. Here are a few choice choices, to give you a head start in deciding which womens custom golf clubs are right for you.

The first shaft to consider if you’re just starting out or are an intermediate player is the Grafalloy Senior Classic or the Aldila Low Torque shaft. These beauties are actually the standby for most standard club sets, since these shafts provide a nice, solid feel. However, be warned that these shafts are not the lightest nor the most sensitive.

For more control with a higher price, check out the Grafalloy ProLite. This shaft can be found in many bags on the Senior Tour, mainly for its flexibility and control. You can pick from two torque versions, the 4.5 degree and the 3.5 degree. There is also a shorter shaft version for fairway woods on the market now.

If you want similar control with a smaller price tag, ask for the Innovative SC Fifty & SC Sixty. Both are built for the highest trajectory as possible with a slow swing speed. In fact, these shafts for womens custom golf clubs are named after the optimal (and slow) swing speeds that they should be used at, with the Fifty but for speeds of 50 to 59 miles per hour and the Sixty for 60 to 69.

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